Funding your Start-Up?

Have a Project on mind?

Web Design Sydney can helps you access technical funding in building a software for your start-up. The goal is to help non-technical entrepreneurs build a successful technical start-up, thereby allowing the start-ups founders to focus on other key areas, such as refining their products/services, focusing on business development, sales and other important non-technical aspects. You will have the access to technical co-founder for the startup and build its products from A-Z.

How it works

This is in a form of co-founding. You focus on the idea and operation while the other half is the technical founder.

You would need to have some startup funding as well. The co-funding example: A $100k project would involve your $50k personal investment and a matching $50k of co-funding for software development. Furthermore, TCG TECH will can offer consultation in helping you to access Australian government grants.


The requirement to participate in this program is that you need to have a proof-of-concept such as an existing website, a running business, or an idea that you had personally cash invested. You can contact us, and we will assess your proposal for the best fit.